I had been wanting to take this picture since the moment I laid eyes on kallahan’s sweater many moons ago. It just works so perfectly.

I love coming home to lexi’s cute little face peeking around the side of the house.

I was in kind of a weird head space last night and decided to go for a walk to help clear my mind. I spent the better part of it unaware, lost in thought, stressing about life, love, and little things in between.

It wasn’t until I stopped staring at my feet and up at the sky, that all my thoughts and worries disappeared instantly at a beautiful sight above me and made me pause for a moment.

A group of hawks were gliding in circles in the air and the golden light of the sunset shone through the grey clouds, making some amazing rays, and turned the hawks feathers into gold.

It was so beautiful, and peaceful, and helped me find clarity.

I’m happy I didn’t have my camera with me at the time because I would have felt the need to document it. Instead I just got to live it, and it was perfect.

I feel like moments like this happen all the time, but we are always distracted by unimportant things that we miss the simple beauty in front of us.

Its time we all stop staring at our feet.