The time has come for me to start fresh. Not just by starting a new blog, but changing my attitude, getting over my post-graduating depression, and putting myself out there. It’s not gonna be easy folks, as a self deprecating introvert its a constant struggle to step out of my shell. Its not easy for us turtles to do. Theres a long distance for me to go and this shell is slowing me down. But not anymore it isnt! I’ve thrown caution to the wind, stepped out, and now I am a naked turtle. 

So this here blog is my way of showing the world what i’ve got to offer, and to hopefully receive feedback from all y’all, maybe even lead to jobs(please?). I’m kick starting this biatch with my final portfolio from the photography program at Sheridan college, which I should mention totally rocks…the program not my portfolio.


And don’t worry, I’ll refrain from all turtle metaphors in my future posts.

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